Wage Theft

California provides a robust framework of laws that protect workers from wage theft. Unfortunately, wage theft is still widespread in California. California’s laws against wage theft include requirements that all employers:

  • Pay the minimum wage, which is currently $15.50 in California (for more on the minimum wage, click here);
  • Pay for all work time, including downtime and “off-the-clock” work (for more information on compensable time click here);
  • Pay overtime for overtime in excess of 8 hours in a day and 40 in a week and pay double-time for hours worked in excess of 12 in a day (for more information on overtime/double-time, click here);
  • Maintain and provide required wage statements (also known as pay stubs) and payroll records may recover the greater of actual damages (for more information on wage statements, click here);
  • Post notices of California’s wage and hour laws (for more information on notice requirements, click here);
  • Provide meal and rest breaks (for more information on breaks, click here);
  • Classify their employees correctly (for more information on misclassifications, click here);
  • Reimburse business expenses (for more information on expense reimbursement, click here); and
  • Provide Sick Pay (for more information on sick pay, click here).

If you are an employee that has been subjected to wage theft, please contact Lebe Law for a free consultation.

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